Slaughter Nick for President

  • Rob Stewart
  • Canada, Serbia, Montenegro
  • 2012
  • 73'
  • Slaughter Nick for President

After 20 years in showbiz, the once famous 47-year-old Canadian actor Rob Stewart is forced to move back in with his parents in Ontario. By chance, he discovers through Facebook that he is still wildly famous – in Serbia. Rob decides to travel to Serbia, where he discovers that his long-forgotten TV series Tropical Heat is the most popular show in the history of Serbian television. His character Nick Slaughter, a pony-tailed beach-bum detective, later became a symbol of freedom and democracy for the student movement that led to Milosević’ss downfall. Awarded Best Documentary at ZFF 2012.

Subtitles: HR

Rob Stewart

Television actor with 25 years of experience in TV series and TV films, including Tropical Heat, Painkiller Jane, Nikita, The L.A. Complex and Heartland. He started his career as a screenwriter and director. He directed and wrote five episodes of Tropical Heat while also starring as Nick Slaughter in the series. Slaughter Nick for President is Rob’s first foray into documentary filmmaking.

Slaughter Nick for President

Rob Stewart
Rob Stewart, Marc Vespi
Zoran Jovanović, Časlav Petrović
Darrell Macdonald
Liza Vespi, Rob Stewart, Marc Vespi, Bane Antović
Slaughter Nick Productions
Festivals & Awards
Zagreb Film Festival – Golden Pram for Best Documentary Film; North by Northeast Music & Film Festival; Cinema City Int’l film Festival

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