Trailer Editing Workshop

closed to the public

In cooperation with the Croatian Film Editors’ Association (HFM) and the Academy of Dramatic Art (ADU), ZFF presents a trailer production workshop run by two renowned award-winning Croatian editors and founders of HFM, Vladimir Gojun and Tomislav Pavlic.

As an ad for a film, trailers are extremely important as the first line of communication providing vital information about a film. They are also the result of creative work and practical, technical knowhow. Young professionals will participate in a hands-on five-day workshop under the guidance of experienced editors who will share their knowledge and encourage them to develop their own unique way of thinking about film trailers.

The best editor of the workshop will get the opportunity to create a trailer for Sirin, the debut film by Montenegrin director Senad Šahmanović and Croatian co-producer Jure Pavlović.

Best trailer jury: Dubravka Turić, Vladimir Gojun, Tomislav Pavlic, Jure Pavlović, Senad Šahmanović



Vladimir Gojun

Rođen 1979. godine u Dubrovniku. Diplomirao je montažu na Akademiji dramske umjetnosti, gdje je i zaposlen u zvanju docenta. Dugogodišnji je selektor domaćeg kratkometražnog programa Kockice na ZFF-u. Montažer je nagrađivanih dugometražnih igranih i dokumentarnih filmova (Buick Riviera, Iza Stakla, Ti mene nosiš, Muškarci ne plaču, Žaba, Sam Samcat, Murina, Baci se na pod, Cash & Marry, Houston, imamo problem!, Moj svijet naopačke, Buffet Željezara), kao i niza kratkometražnih naslova. Režirao je četiri dokumentarna filma (Ciklusi, Bebe na Vole). Za svoj montažerski i redateljski rad višestruko je nagrađivan u zemlji i inozemstvu.


Tomislav Pavlic

Born in 1973 in Zagreb. He graduated in Editing from the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb. His filmography includes about 30 feature films, including some of the most popular Croatian titles (Fine Dead Girls, The High Sun, On the Other Side, The Last Serb in Croatia, Lada Kamenski and Erased). He is also the editor of several short and documentary films and TV series (Road Patrol, The Paper, The Last Socialist Artefact). For his work, he has been awarded five Golden Arena awards at the Pula Film Festival and two awards at Croatian Film Days. He is a member of the Filmmakers Association of Croatia (HDFD) and the European Film Academy.